Our Mission Statement

Hearts Giving Hope Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of abused and underprivileged children by providing them with positive outlets of self-expression and growth through music and visual arts.

We are committed to facilitating programs incorporating music and visual arts, directed toward the development of each child’s talents, mental and physical abilities, and creativity, enabling them to realize and achieve their full potential.

In order to achieve this commitment, we have partnered with local communities, schools, fine arts organizations, churches, and others, working together to accomplish these goals, and to celebrate each child and his or her greatness.


Our Vision

All children find their own unique voice and self-expression through the power of music and arts.


Our People



Christiane Kinney, President

M. Karene Cargill, Vice President and Treasurer

Loretta Cargill, Secretary



Sean Kinney

Lee Judson

Magnolia Moreno

Ronald Borczon

Christo Pellani