"HGH gives the blessing of artistic expression to souls in need, who might otherwise never have such an awakening. In the business of healing they are an organization with a rare mission, purely striving to give and get nothing in return but to be of service. It has been my honor to take part in such a noble offering bringing Music Therapy to Youth at Risk; our time together transformed introverted, isolated children into articulate and respectful young people with a first grain of Faith to plant and raise a new beginning."

-- AmyLynn Dimaano, MT-BC ALternativeDestinations Music Therapy Services


"Hearts Giving Hope was able to provide a scholarship for a young client at the California State University, Northridge Music Therapy Wellness Clinic who was not able to afford music therapy services. The young boy had been attending the clinic for about three years when the family ran into a financial crisis and was no longer able to afford music therapy. The family was thrilled when given this scholarship as it was through music therapy that the child first really began talking. Without the scholarship he would no longer have this creative outlet to explore his emerging voice."
--Ronald M. Borczon, MT-BC, Professor of Music and Director of the Music Therapy Wellness Clinic, California State University Northridge


"Speaking as an Intuitive Artist, I especially love the visual of the ARTS in the name HeARTS Giving Hope. The emphasis of the ARTS in the heart, being a touching Gift of Hope to so many children who are in need of Beauty and Love in their lives. When I did an 'Intuitive Art Class' for the children of Olive Crest, I witnessed how the children light up right in front of my eyes. And it wasn't about anything, but fun, joy, and seeing themselves in canvases they had expressed themselves on. I am truly honored to have this opportunity through the help of HeARTS Giving Hope, to be part of this work for children."

           --Valerie Rogers, Intuitive Artist and Teacher


"Hearts Giving Hope is an organization that gives back to deserving kids with unique expressive therapy programs, using art and music for enhancing and creating a sense of community, self esteem, and personal expression in reaching for their full potential.  As a drum circle facilitator, I have been privileged to experience a deep sense of wonder and joy in the kids who participate, and to come away with a great sense of fulfillment in contributing to the quality of their lives. Hearts Giving Hope is a treasure for kids who may not have many avenues for joyful expression and a true sense of belonging."

            --Christo Pellani, Drum Circle Moderator and Teacher


"The inner city is one of the most strategic mission fields in the world today and one that grows increasingly discouraged all the time. In the last few years I had the honor and pleasure of hosting HGH events in places such as South Central in L.A. and the city of Santa Ana in O.C. In fact, several pictures you can see here are from those events and you can also see in the faces of the children the love, kindness, hope and trust that HGH representatives bring to their lives. I cannot even begin to thank them for their truly altruistic efforts in helping me reach out to the communities I work with. They are always willing to serve with a smile on their faces and asking nothing in return. They have been a real blessing to my ministry. Thank you, HGH."

              --Rev. Edgar Arroyo, Director of Christian Outreach for Trinity Cristo Rey Lutheran Church


"It has been an honor to be an advisory board member for HeARTS Giving Hope, and to see the difference that music and art has made in the lives of the children they work with. In the programs I have personally participated in, I have seen huge shifts in the confidence and expressiveness of the children, and it's something I'm very proud to be a part of. One thing that drew me to this charity and impressed me was that 100% of all money donated goes to providing programs for the kids. No officer or board member receives any monetary compensation, which is rare in charities."

          --Sean Kinney, 1 Stooge Entertainment